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Governance Themes Information Database Organisation Database Training and Events
Governance Themes Information Database Organisation Database Training and Events

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About the GRC Exchange

The GRC Exchange is a new website sharing the latest information about governance in development. Hosted by the Governance Resource Centre (GRC) of the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and compiled by leading international experts, the GRC Exchange provides a focal point for sharing ideas in governance.

About the Governance Resource Centre (GRC) and the GRC Exchange

The Governance Resource Centre (GRC) is an information service designed to meet the growing demand for governance advice and expertise within DFID. It provides a range of tailored, high quality information services to support the implementation of DFID's Governance Target Strategy Paper, 'Making Governments Work for Poor People' (2001) (pdf). These services are available to DFID through an intranet style website.

The GRC Exchange is the public portal for this body of knowledge - its content and services are drawn from the high quality services provided through the GRC.

The GRC and GRC Exchange are managed by a partnership between the International Development Department (IDD) of the School of Public Policy at the University of Birmingham, and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex. A Content Advisory Group drawn from experts at DFID, IDD and IDS underpins the quality of information produced, ensuring that content reflects the latest academic and practitioner thinking. To find out more about the GRC team, click here.

GRC Exchange services

The following services are designed to provide easy access to the latest thinking on governance in development:

Governance Themes
These pages allow you to explore a list of key texts and resources selected by our Content Advisory Group to support each of the key governance capabilities and cross-cutting issues. Includes links to recommended websites and organisations.

Information Database
Contains brief, policy oriented summaries of the best writing on governance, providing contact information on the author and associated organisations, plus access to the full text online or through the document delivery service.

Organisation Database
Summaries of the key organisations working in the field of governance. Includes contact details and links to resources held on the GRC Exchange website.

Training and Events
Searchable database of off-the-shelf training courses and conferences from around the world, providing full contact details and links to the associated organisation.

Email Updates
Monthly email bulletins highlighting the new additions to the GRC Exchange website.

For full guidance on how to use the site, visit the Site Help page.

About DFID

The Department for International Development (DFID) is the UK Government department responsible for promoting sustainable development and reducing poverty. The central focus of the Governments policy, based on the 1997 and 2000 White Papers on International Development, is a commitment to the internationally agreed Millennium Development Goals, to be achieved by 2015. For more information on DFID, visit

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