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Governance Themes Information Database Organisation Database Training and Events

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Topic coverage

The GRC Exchange's topic coverage is determined by the priorities set out in DFID's Governance Target Strategy Paper, 'Making Government Work for Poor People' (2001) which explores a series of key governance capabilities that are considered key to poverty reduction. The list below indicates the different themes covered by the GRC Exchange and some of the topics contained within each.

A series of leading complimentary and cross cutting themes are also explored, such as new approaches to delivering aid, governance factors for combating HIV/AIDS, and broad issues around public sector reform.

Political systems
"to operate political systems which provide opportunities for all people, including the poor and disadvantaged, to organize and influence state policy and practice"


the media

political parties


civil society


Public financial management and accountability
"to develop a policy framework which can meet the poverty eradication targets and to raise, allocate and account for resources in accordance with those pro-poor policies"

policy process

public expenditure management

budget making

budget execution

accounting and audit systems

tax policy and administration

information systems

budget support

cash management

fiscal decentralisation

Service delivery
"to guarantee the equitable and universal provision of effective basic services"

incentives for service delivery

public sector reform

non state provision


Safety, security and access to justice
"to ensure personal safety and security with access to justice for all"

safety and security


monitoring and evaluation

transitional justice

"to manage national security accountably and to resolve differences between communities before they develop into violent conflicts."

governance aspects of security sector reform

the reconstruction of the state after conflict

the role of governance in the avoidance of violent conflict

Cross-cutting themes

Aid instruments

Budget support


Public sector reform


Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs)

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