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These pages explore the theme of 'conflict', one of the 7 governance capabilities outlined in DFID's Governance Target Strategy Paper, 'Making Government Work for Poor People' as being key to poverty reduction.

DFIDs approach emphasises the importance of reducing economic, social and political inequalities and of promoting inclusive and legitimate government in order to achieve these goals. Peace can also be promoted through making the security sector accountable to civilians, and through the demobilisation of soldiers and their reintegration into social and economic life. Many aspects of safety, security and accessible justice can be considered within the frameworks of conflict-prevention and post conflict reconstruction.

All societies experience conflict of some sort, and although these sources deal primarily with violent conflict, it is hoped that they will also be of interest to those concerned with countries and regions which are neither at risk of violent conflict or engaged in post-conflict reconstruction.

What does the GRC Exchange cover?

These pages present key texts and resources, drawn from international comparative experience, that explore the following issues:

The reconstruction of the state after conflict
Peace processes and peace agreements
Rebuilding governance capacity
Peacebuilding issues and institutions
Donor approaches and interventions

Governance dimensions of conflict prevention
Causes and impacts of conflict
Governance and conflict prevention
Donor approaches and interventions
Governance aspects of security sector reform
Demobilisation and reintegration
Civilian oversight and accountability
Donor approaches and interventions
Case studies
Useful internet links

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