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Governance Themes Information Database Organisation Database Training and Events

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Governance Themes

These pages allow you to explore the key governance capabilities identified by the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) as being key to poverty reduction. These themes are explored within DFID's Governance Target Strategy Paper, 'Making Government Work for Poor People' (2001). A series of leading complimentary and topical cross-cutting guides have also been developed. To view the full range of themes explored within these pages, click here.

Key texts and resources for each of the governance themes have been identified by leading experts in each area. For advice on accessing the recommended documents, click here. Links to recommended websites and organisations are also provided.

Some of the language used within these pages draws on DFID terminology. To help understand these terms, please see our glossary page.

Political Systems

Political analysis


Political parties

Civil society

The media



Useful internet links

Public Financial Management & Accountability

Policy process

Public expenditure management

Budget making

Budget execution

Tax policy & administration

Information systems
Budget support Cash management Fiscal decentralisation
Useful internet links

Service Delivery

Overview Incentives for service delivery Public sector reform

Non state provision


Useful internet links

Safety, Security & Accessible Justice


Safety & security Accessibility
Transitional justice Monitoring & evaluation Useful internet links


Reconstruction of the state after conflict Governance dimensions of conflict prevention Governance aspects of security sector reform
Case studies Useful internet links

Cross-Cutting Topic Guides:

Aid Instruments

Budget Support Decentralisation

Economic Growth & Governance


Institutional Development


Public Sector Reform

Accessing the documentation
When the full documentation is available online, it can be downloaded as a PDF file. In order to read PDF files, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. This can be downloaded for free from
Where the document is not available online, it can be accessed through the BLDS document delivery service. Links to this service are provided.

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