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Cash management

This page forms part of the Governance Theme section on 'public financial management and accountability', and includes a series of key texts that explore the importance of effective cash planning and management to developing countries' public expenditure management.

Key texts

Potter, B.H. and Diamond, J. 1999, 'Section 5: Cash planning and management' in Guidelines for Public Expenditure Management, Legal Institutions Thematic Reform Group, International Monetary Fund, Washington DC, 1999.
Effective cash planning and management is crucial to developing countries public expenditure management. Good management of both the timing and the amounts of expenditure ensure smooth financing, preventing variations from budgeted expenditure. These variations can lead to over-borrowing and hence failure to meet fiscal policy objectives.
Full document available online

IMF and World Bank, 2001, 'Guidelines for Public Debt Management', IMF, New York.
Several debt market crises have highlighted the importance of sound debt management practices and the need for an efficient and sound capital market. Yet, what is public debt management and why is it important? This paper from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank discusses the above question, providing guidelines for public debt management.
Full document available online

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