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Information systems

Information systems should provide vital support to each stage of the public financial management cycle. DFID's approach stresses that statistical reporting is essential to good policy making and impact assessment. In addition, good accounting and audit systems should enable departments to record the use of resources against agreed allocations and policy objectives.

This page, which forms part of the Governance Theme section on 'public financial management and accountability', includes a series of key texts that explore this concept.

Key texts

Hashim, A. & Allan, B. 1998, 'Information systems for government fiscal management,' The World Bank Sector Studies Series, The World Bank, Washington D. C.
This World Bank paper examines the range of automation available in fiscal management and how these systems should be integrated to maximise performance. It includes a methodology that could assist in the design of such a network, the key functions and interactions between elements of a network and a discussion on choice of technology.
Full document available online

Department for International Development 1997, Good Practice in Developing Sustainable Information Systems, DFID, London.
Produced by the Public Finance and Private Sector Development Branch of the UNs Department of Economic and Social Affairs, this case study highlights the key elements of integrated financial management. It identifies barriers to improvements in least developed countries and recommends measures to sustain reforms.
Full document available online

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