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Governance Themes Information Database Organisation Database Training and Events

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ICGFM - International Consortium for Governmental Financial Management -
Working globally with governments, organizations, and individuals, the ICGFM is dedicated to improving financial management by providing opportunities for professional development and information exchange. Their website contains news of their activities, upcoming events and recent conferences.
Full summary of the ICGFM: available through the Organisation Database

IMF, Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs) -
ROSCs summarize the extent to which countries observe certain internationally recognized standards and codes, concerning: data; monetary and financial policy transparency; fiscal transparency; banking supervision; securities; insurance; payments systems; corporate governance; accounting; auditing; and insolvency and creditor rights. These reports are used to help sharpen the institutions' policy discussions with national authorities, and in the private sector (including by rating agencies) for risk assessment. They are also useful background for conducting a fiduciary risk assessment. Short updates are produced regularly and new reports are produced every few years. This site contains ROSC reports by country and areas.
Full summary of the IMF: available through the Organisation Database

The International Budget Project -
The IBP assists civil society organisations around the world to improve budget policies and decision-making processes. Their website includes a collection of recommended online resources and papers from previous international conferences. Reflecting the growth of civil society budget work, IBP have launched a new section on their site that organises resources according to major themes or categories of budget work. The first theme on Applied Budget Analysis and Economic Social and Cultural Rights has just been launched and includes an introduction to human rights and budget work, case studies of collaborative work, related literature, meetings and workshops and related organisations -
Full summary of IBP: available through the Organisation Database

OECD-DAC Sub-Group on Donor Practices in Financial Management -,3380,EN-home-732-2-no-no--no,00.html
The page contains links to the Sub-Group's Documents and its newsletters. In addition, it holds a the World Bank's 'Ten Things You Can Do to Advance Financial Management Harmonisation'.

Oxford Policy Management - (Via 'papers')
This site hosts a number of papers on public finance, including the operation of the cash budgeting system in Uganda and good practice in public expenditure management in Malawi and Ghana.
Full summary of OPM: available through the Organisation Database

Public Expenditure and Accountability (PEFA) -
Started in December 2001, the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Program is a 3-year programme jointly financed by the World Bank's Development Grant Facility, the European Commission (EC), the UK's Department for International Development (DFID), and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Strategic Partnership with Africa (SPA) are also partners. PEFA aims to support integrated and harmonized approaches to assessment and reform in the field of public expenditure, procurement and financial accountability, focusing on the use of diagnostic instruments. The website outlines the work of PEFA and future outputs in terms of documentation.

The Poverty and Public Policy Group (PPPG) at ODI (Overseas Development Institute) -
Also incorporates the Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure (CAPE). The website hosts details of their projects and many downloadable papers concerning poverty reduction, aid and public finance. There are also many links to other relevant documents on other websites, such as the UNDP's poverty report and the DAC scoping study of donor poverty reduction policies and practices.

World Bank Public Expenditure Home Page -
Information on public expenditure reviews, analysis and Bank projects and links to learning materials, good practice, news features, handbooks, amongst many other things.

World Bank Voices and Choices at a Macro-Level -
Page dedicated to civic engagement in public expenditure management, with information on the institutions for facilitating civic collective action and use of public information strategies to disseminate information.

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