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This page forms part of the Governance Theme section on 'political systems'. DFID's approach to responsive and accountable government includes a focus on parliament. The following key texts provide an introduction to this issue.

Key texts

Johnson, J.K. and Nakamura, R. T., 1999, 'A Concept Paper on Legislatures and Good Governance', UNDP paper: New York.
This paper prepared for the UNDP addresses the broad conceptual issues of the role of legislatures in good governance. It begins with a description of legislatures and legislative behaviour, and then provides specific information regarding legislative development.
Full document available online

US Agency for International Development 2001, 'Handbook on Legislative Strengthening,' Center for Democracy and Governance, USAID, Washington D.C.
This Handbook from the Center for Democracy and Governance in USAID explores the question of legislative strengthening drawing on the world-wide experience of USAID missions. It points out that, despite the importance of legislatures in good democratic governance, they tend to be weak in comparison with the executive branch.
Full document available online

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