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Safety, Security and Accessible Justice

Monitoring and evaluation

The following key texts explores monitoring and evaluating institutions in the justice sector, forming part of the Governance Theme section on 'safety, security and accessible justice'.

Key texts

Vera Institute of Justice, 2003, Measuring Progress toward Safety and Justice: A Global Guide to the Design of Performance Indicators across the Justice Sector, Vera Institute of Justice
Full document available online
(document summary available shortly)

Messick, R. 2001, 'Key functions of legal systems with suggested performance measures,' draft paper hosted on the World Bank 'Legal Institutions of the Market Economy.'
This paper attempts to help reformers devise evaluation techniques that can be adapted to specific situations in different countries. In the first part of his paper, the author asks how well the legal system as a whole is performing its four key functions: the deterrence of wrongful conduct, the facilitation of voluntary transactions, the resolution of private disputes, and the redress of the abuse of government power. The second part of the paper attempts to assess how well the key institutions of the juridical system, such as the courts, the private bar, and the public prosecutors, are working.
Full document available online

US Agency for International Development 1998, Handbook of Democracy and Governance Program Indicators, USAID, Washington DC.
Recent shifts in donor practice have increasingly emphasised a results-oriented approach. Performance management is becoming a core facet of many donor-sponsored programmes. Such approaches pose considerable challenges in the realms of defining objectives, establishing benchmarks and assessing progress. This handbook from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) offers an insight into the process of devising and applying performance-measurement indicators in the realms of monitoring democracy and governance.
Full document available online

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