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Public Sector Governance Group, World Bank


Africa: North of Sahara, South of Sahara
Americas and Caribbean: Caribbean, Central America, Latin America, South America, North America
Europe: Southern/Central and Eastern Europe, Northern and Western Europe
Asia: Central Asian Republics, Far East Asia, Middle East, South Asia


Donor Agency


Political Systems: Participation, Decision making
Public financial mgmt: Accountability (PFMA), PEM
SSAJ: Judicial system, Legal system
Anti Corruption:  



To strengthen and deepen the Bank's work on public sector institutional reform, and to design and help implement the Bank's anticorruption strategy.

Organisation summary:

The Public Sector Group is one of 4 ‘families’ in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network. It brings together people working across the Bank on lending and non-lending activities relating to core public sector reform, including civil service reform, public expenditures, tax policy and administration, decentralisation/intergovernmental fiscal relations, and generic issues in public service delivery.

The Public Sector Group’s objectives are based on the view that the Bank must focus more of its efforts on building efficient and accountable public sector institutions, rather than simply providing discrete policy advice. It works in the following areas:

  • Governance, including the planning and implementation of the Bank’s anticorruption agenda. Between fiscal years 1997 and 2000, the Bank had undertaken more than 600 specific anticorruption programs and governance initiatives in 95 borrower countries (such as Albania, Bolivia, Georgia, Latvia, Thailand, and Uganda). In many cases these activities include surveys of citizens, private firms, and/or policy makers, followed up by workshops to bring together government leaders, NGOs, and the press to discuss survey results and strategies for change.
  • Public finance, including the Bank’s microeconomic work in public expenditure analysis and tax policy.

The group's work on public sector institutional reform includes:

  • Public expenditure analysis and management, e.g. Public Expenditure Tracking Survey in the Education Sector (Uganda)
  • Tax policy and administration e.g. Customs Modernization in Bolivia
  • Civil service and administrative reform, e.g. public officials survey
  • Legal and judicial reform (together with the Legal Department), e.g. Guatemala Judicial Reform Program
  • Decentralisation, e.g. Kecamatan Local Empowerment and Governance Program (Indonesia)
  • E-government, e.g. E-Seva One Stop Shop for Services Program in Andhra Pradesh (India)
  • Public enterprises, e.g. Privatisation of State owned Gabon Water and Electricity (focus on increased transparency in the process)
  • Technical assistance and capacity building, e.g. The World Bank Institute’s Anticorruption Core Learning Action – Oriented Program in Uganda.

Information resources:

Thematic groups websites: includes groups on anticorruption, administrative and civil service reform, decentralisation, e-government, legal institutions of the market economy, and public expenditure - www1.worldbank.org/publicsector/index.cfm

Lending and Technical Assistance page: provides access to information about the trends in the Bank’s portfolio of institution-building activities - www1.worldbank.org/publicsector/lending.htm

Publications: - www1.worldbank.org/publicsector/publications.htm

Findings on governance and poverty alleviation: - www1.worldbank.org/publicsector/findings.htm

Institutions and public sector working papers: - www.worldbank.org/html/dec/Publications/Workpapers/instnspubsect.html

Key contact details:

Contact name: Randi Susan Ryterman
Job title: Sector Manager
Tel: +1 202 473 7037
Fax: +1 202 522 7132

Organisation contact details:

The World Bank
Public Sector Governance
1818 H Street N.W. Washington DC 20433
United States of America.
Tel: +1 202 473 1000
Fax: +1 202 477 6391
Web: http://www1.worldbank.org/publicsector/index.cfm

Related departments:

Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction Unit

Legal and Judicial Reform Practice Group



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