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Governance Themes Information Database Organisation Database Training and Events
Governance Themes Information Database Organisation Database Training and Events

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All GRC Exchange services can be accessed by clicking on the menu bar links to the left or the bottom of the page, and by clicking on the icons down the left hand side of the page. Links to information within an actual web page are found in the orange bar above.

Understanding the GRC Exchange

To find out more about what the GRC Exchange is, who provides the service, and the different themes explored, please visit the About GRC Exchange pages.

Some of the language used within the site draws on DFID terminology. To help understand these terms, visit our glossary page.

Exploring the Governance Themes

The Governance Themes section of the website is your immediate reference point for exploring each of the key governance capabilities identified by the UK Department for International Development as being key to poverty reduction. A range of leading complimentary and cross cutting themes are also explored, such as new approaches to delivering aid, governance factors for combating HIV/AIDS and governance, and broad issues around civil service reform.

Key sources, compiled by our Content Advisory Group, are listed for each of the governance themes. Click on the document title to access the full document summary held in our Information Database. Alternatively, click on the links to access the full text or website resource where available.

Don't forget to search the Information Database - all key texts held on this database cover the range of governance themes explored on this site.

Search the Information Database

The Information Database is your direct route to the key texts on governance issues. The database contains brief, policy oriented summaries of the best writing on governance. Each summary provides:
an overview of the content and key findings of the document
links to related material on the GRC website
contact details for the author and associated organisations
details of how to access the text either online, or through the British Library for Development Studies (BLDS) document delivery service. When available online, full documentation can be downloaded as a PDF file. In order to read PDF files, Adobe Acrobat must be installed on your computer. This can be downloaded for free from

Full details on how to find what you're looking for are available on the Information Database page.

Search the Training and Events database

The Training and Events database allows you to search for off-the-shelf training courses and conferences from around the world. Each record provides:
details on the event's objectives and themes
its location and costs
full contact details and links to the associated organisation.

Comprehensive advice on how to find a relevant event is available on the Training and Events page.

Search the Organisation Database

The Organisation Database allows you to search for the key organisations working in the field of governance. Each record:
identifies the organisation's objectives
provides an overview of its work in governance
provides the focus and country/regional coverage of its work
provides contact details.

Advice on how to find the relevant organisation is available on the Organisation Database page.

Email Update

The GRC Exchange Email Update allows you to keep up-to-date with the latest additions to the website. The Email Update page allows you to manage your subscription and to view all previous email updates.

Search the site

A free text search is available to identify and access all information held across the GRC Exchange site. Click in the Search box at the top or left hand side of the page, and type in your search term, entering any word or phrase. Click on "GO" to initiate the search. For tips on using this enhanced search facility, see below.

Advice on entering search terms

The Site Search, Information Database, Training and Events and Organisation Database allow visitors to search records by entering words or phrases. Here are a few tips on optimising your search results:
Try and define what you are looking for as precisely as possible, bearing in mind that the more words you use, the more accurate your search will be.
Type either the word you want to find (e.g. conflict) or type a phrase (e.g.conflict prevention). If more than two words are entered, records containing these words as a phrase will be retrieved.
To find records that contain any one of several words or phrases, enter OR between them. For example, to find all records on budgeting and also all records on PEM, enter "budgeting OR PEM"
To find all information on the relationship between accountability and accessibility, for example, enter "accountability AND accessibility". This will retrieve records where both those concepts are present.
To find plurals and word stems, use the truncation symbol, "*". For example, budget* will find records containing budgets, budgeting, e.t.c.


We welcome feedback on the services offered by the GRC Exchange. Please send all comments to

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